A global site selection service provider serving the non-profit sector and businesses worldwide

With more than 36 years of experience negotiating the meeting and conference space needs for businesses and non-profit organizations, we can help secure the best venue for your event at a price that fits your budget. As our client, your interests are our priorities. Whether you are planning a meeting or conference for 50 people or 20,000, we will be your advocate and negotiator, leveraging our extensive network of contacts and experience to find just the right property to host your event and provide hotel space for your attendees.


At Site Services, we deliver on our promises.

Our proven track record is built on unparalleled experience in the field of site selection. We utilize a comprehensive process that includes an extensive client interview, site specific research, strategic outreach to sites that best reflect your priorities, coordinated planning to identify your preferred venue and contract negotiation to ensure your needs are met and your interests are protected. Details matter. That’s why from day one, Site Services has made client satisfaction our highest priority. We do the work up front to protect you from the stress and headaches that can come on the back end.under

How We WorkAn Overview

Fact-finding Stage. We learn all about your event’s requirements

We start with finding out all we can about your organization, your conference goals, objectives and preferences. Once armed with this high-level knowledge, we begin the search process.

Research, preparation and management of the RFP process

After a list of prospective cities and venues is determined, we negotiate with our strategic contacts to report back to you with the best options at the best value.

With our research in hand, you’ll make confident decisions

Our goal is to empower you to reach the best decision for your organization. Because our compensation ultimately comes from the hotel you select, there is no impact on your budget, no out of pocket costs.

We’re a global leader in site selection services. Let us know how we can help you find the right venue for your next meeting, conference or event.


Our Clients

We’re proud to have served all of our clients. In fact, we’re still serving our first client 36 years later.

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